Keith White


Now into his 6th year as resident muso at the club, KEITH WHITE uses state-of-the-art technology to generate a full sound playing classics from the 50s to the 80s. Rock, country, Latin and jazz. All Fri/Sat gigs from 5.30 pm, no charge.



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Our music program is currently free to our valued patrons. If you enjoy our music, a voluntary cash donation would be appreciated. This will enable us to continue this program.




Sunday 8th December (7-7pm): MAE PARKER DADDIOS ... our last Sunday Show for 2019. What a fantastic way to finish the year!





Friday 20th December (8-11pm): PRESIDENT ROOTS ... local boys play their own brand of alt country, blues-rock and folk. The hit of Tamworth and the Apollo Bay Festival, it's great to see them back at our RSL. Take no prisoners!




TOM KATZ IS BACK! ... we welcome the return of "TOM KATZ" live music to Sorrento, and at our own RSL no less! Here's the gig guide so far, with heaps more to come in 2020!


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