Keith White


Now into his 6th year as resident muso at the club, KEITH WHITE uses state-of-the-art technology to generate a full sound playing classics from the 50s to the 80s. Rock, country, Latin and jazz. All Fri/Sat gigs from 5.30 pm, no charge.



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Events coming up at the Club


Sunday sessions are back for 2019!  We've got plenty of great, live entertainment coming to the club across the whole year. 4-7pm Sundays and free entry!


Our music program is currently free to our valued patrons. If you enjoy our music, a voluntary cash donation would be appreciated. This will enable us to continue this program.


Sunday Sessions




Sunday 15th September: THE KING LIVE

It's now or never, Come hold me tight, Kiss me my darling, Be mine tonight, Tomorrow will be too late, It's now or never, My love won't wait. Elvis won’t wait ... he said so!


This show is all about having fun. Starts 4pm with the NEARLY BROS ( Tony & John). By the time Elvis arrives, we expect everybody to be in the mood for a singalong. It helps that our house wine is only $5/glass!


Bookings not required.





Sunday 6th October: MARTY ROSE BAND ... one of our top show bands. Don't miss it!




Sunday 10th November: WENDY STAPLETON, PAUL NORTON & GERRY HALE ... return for their last gig at the club in 2019. Not to be missed.





Sunday 1st December: MARTY ROSE BAND ... return to finish off our 2019 season



Annual events at the Club


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